Welcome to Crookhey Hall School

Crookhey Hall School exists to provide young people with an educational experience that will not only extend their academic and vocational social skills and abilities, but will also promote personal growth and help to build self-esteem. In this way it is hoped that each individual will aspire to achieve their full potential, eventually leaving school with the determination to make a positive contribution to society in the years to come.

The school itself occupies an enviable 15-acre setting in countryside to the south of Cockerham, near Lancaster and has the capacity to educate 74 boys and girls (10-17yrs) as day pupils within nine class groups. The  pupils all have statements identifying emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and are drawn from towns and cities in the surrounding region, including Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston, Leyland, Wigan, Blackburn and Lancaster.

The pupils at Crookhey Hall School frequently arrive as disaffected youngsters lacking self-esteem, self-control, direction, goals, role models, expectations and motivation. It is our aim to re-engage pupils in the life and routines of school, habituate attendance and develop socially adjusted young people who can successfully integrate into society and lead productive, purposeful lives.

Aims and Values

At Crookhey Hall School we aim for all our pupils to:

  • Achieve high academic standards
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live
  • Respect and value themselves, other people and the environment
  • Work independently and collaboratively
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices
  • Make positive contributions as citizens of the wider world
  • Develop in mind body and spirit

Admissions and Referrals

The policy of the school is that the same procedure is followed in respect of all pupils referred by LAs for placement. The school caters for pupils with statements of SEN related to Emotional Social and Behavioural difficulties and will consider boys and girls from 10-17 subject to a successful interview process.

Full details of the admission policy can be obtained by contacting the school. To make a referral please call the school and ask to speak to Headteacher Peter O’Connell or email reception@crookheyhallschool.co.uk

Meet the Head of School – Peter O’Connell

8023860055_ab5d761e7e_zPeter has been in teaching since 1983 and has 26 years of experience in working in special education. With a BA and a Masters degree in History, Peter successfully completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Education and worked in both London and Cumbria before coming to Crookhey Hall School.

Peter joined Crookhey Hall School as a teacher in 1993 and taught a number of subject areas before being promoted to Deputy Head in 2012 and then Headteacher in 2014.

He said: “We are looking to expand and increase the number of children we can take – we have a strong offer for both local authorities and parents. At Crookhey Hall, every day is different and it’s rewarding to work with such interesting children. We can make a difference and persuade children, who have rejected education elsewhere in the past, to accept it here and to give themselves options in life.”