Pastoral Support

Pupils are supported through the allocation of a Personal Tutor/Key Worker.

This involves regular 1:1 meetings to review and record academic progress and attitudes toward behaviour and attendance. The school provide individual support and play a pivotal role in ensuring any barriers to learning are addressed so that pupils make the most of their time at Crookhey Hall School. They liaise closely with the Senior Leadership Team, Teachers and Home School Liaison Officer.

The school recognises that pastoral care is a joint responsibility and that the emotional difficulties experienced by many of our students means that they will often seek out a member of staff other than their designated key worker. There is an expectation that all staff accept this role and are ready to respond appropriately.

Pupils’ emotional development is monitored through the SEBD tracker. Progress is shared with the young person and appropriate targets and strategies are put in place. Success is celebrated in a variety of ways depending on the individual needs of each pupil.

The school is embarking on a peer mentoring programme. The aim is to recognise and enhance the role of senior students in providing pastoral guidance to younger students and those with additional and challenging needs. The school is confident that, in time, it will be able to offer accreditation for those students who show an aptitude for peer mentoring. In the long term students who were the subject of such mentoring could, themselves, become mentors thus completing a virtuous circle.

Pupils have regular weekly access to an adviser from the Young People’s Service who also contributes to the Annual Review process.

Health and Therapy

The school is able to access input from a large health and therapy team. The team is based at one of our sister schools and is available to support work with our pupils. Within the team there is available a Consultant Educational Psychologist, an Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Therapist, Nurse Specialist, Music Therapist and staff that are experienced in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and listening skills. These are available to young people that need these services to help remove barriers to their learning and progress. The health and therapy team works collaboratively with the staff at Crookhey Hall School to promote our pupils’ health and well-being.

Nurture Provision

The Nurture provision within Crookhey Hall School provides additional support for students who have difficulty accessing the curriculum. Every pupil is assessed in terms of his speech, language and communication skills by a highly skilled practitioner who visits school on a regular basis to assess the progress of individual young people and to advise staff on planned intervention strategies where needed.

The Nurture team also assesses each pupil’s literacy level using a sophisticated piece of software provided by Lucid Research. This allows staff to pinpoint specific learning difficulties and so put together an individual learning programme with the objective of enabling the student to access the curriculum.

In addition, the Nurture Team helps students to deal with their behavioural and emotional difficulties. A tracker system is in place which allows us to monitor progress the students are making towards specific targets and means that intervention strategies are more clearly targeted. For those pupils who display particularly complex and challenging needs, the Boxall Profile is used. This is an assessment tool which is widely used by Educational Psychologists and can give a telling insight into the long term, underlying problems which have affected the student’s ability to engage as a learner.

Nurture Provision is central to the aims of the whole school and is constantly looking to expand. We hope to include an element of art therapy in the near future and, having become part of the National Nurture Network, we are able to tap into the resources and expertise of over 700 other nurture providers.