The 12 good deeds of Christmas

Lower School have been taking part in ’12 good deeds of Christmas ’. Each class were challenged to complete 12 good deeds before Christmas within school and the local community. Classes have been very creative and have included some of the following deeds:

Collecting food and delivering to a local food bank

  • Making parcels for the local homeless including deodorants, socks, toothbrushes, sanitary products
  • Making brews for staff
  • Cleaning staff cars
  • Cleaning school minibuses
  • Delivering chocolates to the local police station
  • Handing out sweets and goodies in Lancaster town
  • Making Christmas cards for other classes
  • Making cakes for other classes

One class are also planning on visiting a local nursing home to sing Christmas carols.

Everyone involved should be very proud of their achievements the last few weeks, keep it up!