Blue Planet Aquarium

The pupils went on a trip to the aquarium and two pupils, Kyle and Michael from Class 5 wrote about their experience:

The best shark pool ever!

Last Thursday Mr. Woodhouse took us to the Blue Planet Aquarium.  It was the best place we have ever been to.  It was a good one and really fun, the shark feeding was really cool.  Big Bertha, a black tip reef shark, ate only the fish fed to her.  Because she’s been there a long time she has bonded with the fish in her tank so she won’t eat them.  There were crocodiles, snakes, spiders and some big, fat fish.    They were humongous and huge spider crabs. We learnt about their habitat, which means their environment and we saw the stingrays and eels.  We would definitely recommend it and would like to go again.