Flying Friends!

Crookhey Hall’s vocational manager, Mr Williamson, brought his Harris Hawk, Roy into school recently as part of the socialisation process needed to introduce him to different people and environments. Pupils took turns to hold Roy using a specially designed glove and helped him to feel comfortable and at ease around school.

Mr Williamson has been taking groups of pupils to a local birds of prey centre recently, where pupils have had the chance to learn about a variety of birds in both their natural habitat and captivity.

Mr Williamson said, ‘At Crookhey Hall, we like to help encourage our children to appreciate their surroundings and the habitat around them. By teaching our children to value nature and wildlife, we help them to understand the impact of our actions on the environment’.

Roy will be coming into school on a regular basis to help with his socialisation and to allow the pupils to experience first-hand, how to care for a bird that they might not otherwise come into contact with.

As well as birds of prey, Crookhey Hall also keeps a range of chickens, ducks, pheasants and finches on the site that the pupils help to take care of. Pupils have the opportunity to hand-rear birds that need extra support and in turn, develop their own nurturing skills